Corriere della Sera

"We are honored to be featured in an article in Corriere della Sera as a company at the forefront of the circular economy . It is always nice when national newspapers focus attention on stories like ours to spread the message of sustainability for which our company is a spokesperson. We would like to thank Alessandro Zuin for his special focus on the cardinal principles of the circular economy and the timely storytelling of our family business.

This article is special for us in that it is the first in which we are listed as a Benefit Corporation, a change that for us has not only legislative weight but also ethical and social significance." These are the heartfelt words of our owners Angelo Saporiti, Savina Saporiti and Martine Moroni triggered upon reading the March 13, 2023 article.

13 Mar 2023


Through Valore Italia you will also be able to find Maeba International at major trade fairs in the fashion industry in Italy. To read the article click HERE , you will find us on pages 28 and 29.

01 Dec 2022


Being featured in GREEN ECONOMY, a magazine that has always focused on companies that have distinguished themselves through innovation and sustainability, makes us realize that the path we are on is the right one. You can read the article discussing Maeba International HERE on page 9.

01 Nov 2022


Participating in the talk "Closing the Circle", organized by C.L.A.S.S. at WHITE SHOW, was a pleasure for us. Our CEO, Savina Saporiti, spoke about Maeba International, its values, the ReLiveTex project and circular economy. 

07 Oct 2022


It is our pleasure to be featured in the @amicamagazine article alongside @edoardogallorini with our ReLiveTex project. Collaborating with talented young designers always spurs us on to new challenges and new visions of fashion. We hope that the path started with Edoardo can be a trailblazer for many others.

29 Sep 2022


We are happy that the exclusive on the birth of our ReLiveTex project was given to us by a specialized magazine like TecnoFashion . 

In the article, the editorial staff has considerably delved into ReLiveTex, from its inception to its actual dynamics of implementation.

Click HERE  to read the article!


At C.L.A.S.S. 's "Let's Get Circular" Smart Voice, which gathered testimonies from some of its partners, Maeba International spoke not only about its business reality but also about future plans and new sustainable visions.


It was a great pleasure for us to be featured in the Treviso Tribune with an article that well told the story of our company, our vision and our approach to sustainability.
Click HERE to read the article!

Webinar Confartigianato

Here published the speech made by our CEO Savina Saporiti during the webinar wanted by Confartigianato Imprese presenting our company and our sustainable brand ReLiveTex® .
The meeting was organized with the aim of raising awareness and informing companies in the fashion world about the news and future developments that the circular economy and textile waste management will have, passing through the role of ecodesign and sustainable fashion.
The entire video of the Webinar is available here  !

GreenItaly REPORT

It is an honor for Maeba International to announce this new milestone achieved thanks to the ReLiveTex project, namely being among the virtuous businesses recognized by the Green Italy 2020 report.
The Green Italy report starts in 2010 and is a research conducted annually by the Symbola team on the value of the Green Economy, and told how Italy is able to meet the great environmental challenges by focusing on innovation and research, developing the economic value of companies and the country. "GreenItaly" is an indispensable tool to know numbers, territories and sectors of the Italian green economy, but above all to analyze and understand the leading role that Made in Italy can have in the international market by focusing on sustainability.