Huge range of deadstock jersey and sweatshirt fabrics!

Maeba International has never liked the words deadstock fabrics because they seem to refer to something dead or of low value while the fabrics the company offers are by no means dead but rather reborn. These fabrics still have so much potential to express and that is where our company and the ReLiveTex project came from.

Maeba International is addressed to You Stylist, Clothing Manufacturer, Operator in the Fashion sector, offering you the widest range of wholesale fabrics with the widest choice at advantageous prices and quantities suitable for your collections. All fabrics sold in meters are available in our warehouses. Immediate availability of Jersey fabrics in cotton, viscose, cotton mixed with silk, viscose mixed with silk, viscose mixed with cotton, modal, modal mixed with silk and modal mixed with viscose, stretch and non-stretch, plain and patterned from the most prestigious fabric producers big names. Compositions: CO - VI - CO / SE - VI / SE - VI / CO - MD - MD / SE- MD / VI - CO / EA - VI / EA. With these fabrics you create: in weights ranging from 100 to 900 gr / ml. 

By choosing ReLiveTex Fabrics YOU CONTRIBUTE TO A MORE SUSTAINABLE FASHION. ReLiveTex revolutionizes the concept of textile supply thanks to the CIRCULAR ECONOMY project, watch the video and become part of the project too: LET’S WRAP THIS UP, MAKE THE CIRCULAR ECONOMY CIRCULATE!

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Do you want other reasons to choose us? We put at your disposal a Showroom of over 12,000 square meters, we have the largest stock of fabrics with more than 4 million meters ready in the Warehouse and in the Outlet. Weekly arrivals from famous brands and renowned textile industries. Now you understand why they consider us leaders in the sector!