Fabrics ready-to-dye for your collections!

Maeba International is addressed to You Stylist, Clothing Manufacturer, Operator in the Fashion sector by offering you the widest range of Wholesale ready-to-dye fabrics with the widest choice at advantageous prices and quantities suitable for your collections. All fabrics sold in meters are available in our warehouses. Ready-to-dye fabrics in jersey cotton, viscose, linen-viscose-blend, cotton-linen-blend, cotton-silk-blend, cotton-wool blend, stretch and non-stretch, from the most prestigious fabric manufacturers and major brands. Compositions: CO - VI -LI / VI -CO / LI - CO / SE - CO / WO - CO / EA - VI / EA. Come and visit us to find out more and if you can't visit us go to the SAMPLING section on the SHOP!

By choosing Relivetex ready-to-dye, YOU CONTRIBUTE TO A MORE SUSTAINABLE FASHION. Relivetex revolutionizes the concept of textile supply thanks to the CIRCULAR ECONOMY project, watch the video and become part of the project too: LET’S WRAP THIS UP, MAKE THE CIRCULAR ECONOMY CIRCULATE!


Purchases reserved for wholesale operators only