The collaboration between Maeba International and Siggi Group  represents a unique opportunity to combine the expertise of two leading companies in their field. Maeba International, with its expertise in textile deadstock management from a sustainable perspective, and Siggi Group, with its expertise in the production of high-quality professional apparel, have decided to join forces to converge on a common vision of circular economy.

At the heart of this connection is the Rock collection of Horeca Limited Edition 2023 Slash, Bruce, Sid, Tyler and Elvis aprons, all produced with ReLiveTex-certified fabrics, the first environmental assertion regarding textile material recovery processes, certifying that the selected fabrics have been removed from devaluation processes and promoted to new uses as required by the objectives expressed by the European Union's Circular Economy Package (Directive 2018/851) and Goal 12 of the 2020 agenda.

The collaboration between the two companies not only allows them to reduce environmental impact and increase efficiency, but also to offer customers durable and reliable products at competitive prices.