Sustainable partnerships

Some of our most important and significant sustainable partnerships with Italian designers are those recently established with Andrea Rosso, who has long ago chosen Maeba for his Myar brand, and with Gilberto Calzolari, for his "Tilt System Vol.2" collections and "At This Stage". Both collaborations were possible thanks to our ReLiveTex® brand and our common commitment to promote the circular economy. This undoubtedly represents a stimulus for many emerging designers who wish to clearly give an "ecological" turn to their creations by focusing on the added value that Relivetex products represent. A perfect example of this is Edoardo Gallorini, an emerging designer with great potential, who has masterfully interpreted the message of Maeba and ReLiveTex in his “Mediterranean Ecstasy” collection in his own way. Are you ready to become a circular stylist too? With Relivetex you can immediately become part of the Circular Economy with other advantages: a precise and rigorous Quality Control on all the fabrics delivered, the Best Quality / Price Ratio you can find on the market, Sampling services for all fabrics quickly, punctually and completely Free, plus immediate availability of all sampled items. What are you waiting for: Chat, Write or Call now.

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