Wholesaler of Italian fabrics

Maeba, our name is an idiom of the southern seas that contains a greeting and a wish, "goodbye and best wishes!", which has brought the Saporiti family great things in the past and hopefully for many years to come.Our history in textiles begins almost a hundred years ago, with the first sales of material on the outskirts of Varese by great-grandfather Giuseppe (1928) immediately followed by Rizieri Saporiti hightly  respected merchant of clothing and furnishing fabrics, followed by Angelo who makes himself available to the largest Venetian garment makers as a textile representative , capable of creating an agency which, already in the 80s had found an innovative way of developing and promoting collections of the best Italian textile production firms and beyond.In 1980 he founded Maeba srl which dealt with purchasing inventories from large companies and relocating them on the market to small players; initially born as a way of providing its suppliers with a new fabric collection service in stock lots, it subsequently become a way to create a new destination for all those materials that otherwise would have improperly left the market. A further expansion of Angelo's knowledge of the fashion system was possible after a few years of experience in Prato in which he established and managed his own production of wools and wool blend fabrics mainly destined for international markets. In 2006 Angelo, with a more significant operational involvment of Savina, as well as advice on style and trends from Martine, Maeba is able to focus on a completely innovative project for the wholesale of fabrics which is entirely different and superior to the past both in terms of objectives as well as the methodologies. Following a long family history as salesmen and women, the Saporiti family  has been able to fully grasp the possibilities and opporunities of each of the different fabrics collected, always adding value to the already high-quality fabrics. Through this great opportunity, Maeba's clients are able to creatively construct complete collections at even cheaper prices, with no limitation on creativity and fabrics are immediately available. Thus, Maeba International was born with a total area of 10.600 mq and an inventory of over 3 milion meters of fabric in over 35.000 articles. Maeba International is now one of the leaders in the sector of Italian fabric wholesalers both on the Italian and international territory.

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